OHB Sweden is one of Europe’s leading propulsion suppliers. Our knowledge and experience cover the complete range of different propulsion systems; electric propulsion, liquid propulsion as well as cold gas propulsion. We are able to understand and define the propulsion system, from the very early project stage and throughout the development and operating phase.

For the European Space Agency’s successful pioneer mission to the Moon, the SMART-1 mission, OHB Sweden implemented the highly efficient propulsion technology. In the demanding SmallGEO telecom satellite product line, OHB Sweden is providing the electric propulsion subsystem.

To enable the most recent addition to the SmallGEO product line, the full EP Electra platform, an electric propulsion subsystem is mandatory as it provides both the orbit transfer and station-keeping abilities, resulting in a significant mass saving and consequently larger payload mass.

In close relation with OHB Sweden’s mission analysis team, AOCS department and AIV team, we are able to understand and define mission system and AIV needs on the propulsion system in early project stages. Today OHB Sweden has experience of a number of types of propulsion systems; electric propulsion, liquid propulsion, cold gas propulsion development framework.

Our capabilities and skills cover a wide range of areas; specification, procurement, manufacturing of propulsion hardware, design, analysis routing, accommodation of tubing and propulsion system components, plume impingement, thermal hydraulic, spacecraft charging, control algorithms FMECA/FDIR safety analysis, in-house facilities, in-house tubing fitting and bracket manufacturing, titanium orbital welding, radiographic inspection, cleaning and cleanliness verification, subsystem integration and test, ground flight operations procedures, encompassed technologies, electric propulsion.

1-20N Monopropellant System

OHB Sweden propulsion team has been developing hydrazine based systems for most of the European primes over the last decade, growing a valuable expertise over a range of thrust levels and suitable products. We have gained a deep understanding of the enabling factors in the technology and in the accommodation of its interfaces. We guide you through the selection of components, study the interaction with your platform and assist you in the tests and launch preparation.

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10N Bi-propellant System

Bi-propellant technology is an efficient and powerful technology that OHB Sweden is pleased to offer to customers. Mastering the subtleties of mixture ratios, soakback, propellant balance and pressure is completing our ability to accommodate the hardware on your platform.

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An inhouse designed, assembled and tested small EP system suitable for >300 kg smallsats.

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