The members of the Executive Management of OHB Sweden AB are:

Benoit Mathieu
Managing Director, OHB Sweden AB
Since January 2021

Fredrik Sjöberg
Deputy Managing Director,  OHB Sweden AB
Since January 2021

As of 1 January 2021, Benoit Mathieu has succeeded Gierth Olsson as Managing Director/CEO of OHB Sweden. In this role, he assumes responsibility for the Operations and Programs domain whereas Fredrik Sjöberg has been appointed as the new Deputy Managing Director and Head of Business Development, Finance and IT.

Fredrik (left) and Benoit


The members of the Board of Directors of OHB Sweden AB are:

Marco R. Fuchs
Chief Executive Officer, OHB-Holding
Member of the Board of Directors since 2011

Dr. Lutz Bertling
Chief Strategy & Development Officer/Chief Digital Officer,  OHB Group
Member of the Board of Directors since 2019

Oliver Salisch
Vice President Affiliate Control / M&A, OHB-SE
Member of the Board of Directors since 2011

Guy Perez
Chief Technology Officer, OHB System AG
Member of the Board of Directors since 2017

Bo C. Johanson
Senior Advisor
Member of the Board of Directors since 2011

Maria Caderas de Kerleau
Employee representative, OHB Sweden AB
Member of the Board of Directors since 2018

Francesco Giuliano
Employee representative, OHB Sweden AB
Member of the Board of Directors since 2022


OHB Sweden AB is a subsidiary of the German OHB SE. It was created in 2011 when OHB Sweden took over the entire business of the former SSC (Swedish Space Corporation) Space Systems division.

OHB Sweden also took over the absolute majority of the personnel and thereby the long and extensive experiences (all the way back to the early 80th) in all areas of satellite system design, development and operations. In being a company with a long space experience, OHB Sweden has the capability to carry out complete space missions for its customers all the way from studies up to and including operations in orbit. OHB Sweden is also proud of its ability of taking an active role in the actual creation of missions together with end-users and industrial partners.

From the fantastic heritage from Swedish satellites such as Viking, Freja and Odin, through propulsion and AOCS subsystem deliveries to ESA missions, we are now also Prime contractor for the Arctic Weather Satellite ESA mission. With our InnoSat platform, we are part of the cost-effective “new-space” approach where speed, agility and cost effectiveness are key ingridients to success. Our vision is also to play a major role in small satellite constellations.

We are very proud of the commitment, enthusiasm and dedication of our teams. As we are a small company, our around 90 employees may sometimes have to shoulder heavy workloads. We are very grateful that we have always successfully mastered these phases. Accordingly, we see it as our central task to preserve this corporate culture.

We are committed to continue this work and expand our horizons and are looking forward to many more decades of successful space business. 


OHB Sweden relocated to new facilities in Kista, Stockholm, in January 2014. The new facilities will allow OHB Sweden to even further increase its efficiency and quality level. With more room for expansion, a more efficient layout of the development, process and manufacturing area, including cleanroom testing capabilities, this is an important milestone in OHB Sweden’s development. All parts of the cleanroom facility are approved in accordance with ISO class 8, and upgradeable to class 5.

RAMSES being used to operate satellites