InnoSat microsatellite platforms

The InnoSat platform, offers a highly versatile and flexible platform service for a large range of space missions both institutional as commercial. The InnoSat platform comes in various configurations to meet our customer demands in a standardized fashion whilst offering an as tailored fit as possible. All OHB Sweden’s InnoSat platforms are designed to fit within most launch envelopes, maximizing the launch opportunities for our customers. InnoSat is built around a set of core elements that can be re-used (both hardware and software) whilst offering high performance in terms of pointing, stability, power, data downlink and autonomy to fit most mission needs. For more info on the InnoSat platform and its capabilities, please contact

Please find the Innosat product brochure here: OHB Sweden data sheet InnoSat – July 2023

Render of Arctic Weather Satellite