AOCS engineer at work

AOCS and GNC Subsystem Development

OHB Sweden develops satellite guidance, navigation and control systems for innovative space projects. Our engineers are committed to achieve the highest standards in meeting our customers’ expectations of successful space missions. With extensive experience in spinners, low cost- and high performance 3-axis control systems, sensor technologies and navigation strategies for Rendezvous and Formation Flying in space, OHB offers world leading technological innovative capabilities within AOCS.

Our development framework covers:

  • ECSS-compliant design and verification processes
  • mission analysis
  • specification and procurement of sensors and actuators
  • development of state of the art AOCS flight software
  • high-performance 3-axis attitude control guidance for orbit transfer and station keeping
  • advanced orbit control for formation flying and rendezvous
  • system level simulator development software
  • spacecraft system level testing
  • flight dynamics
  • subsystem integration and test operations.

In-house we also have the SATLAB software system test environment, covering real-time simulation environment, EM computers in-the-loop, CAN-bus in-the-loop, other H/W simulated towards CAN i/f. Additional H/W can be included for H/W in-the-loop testing, commanded with real operational software through the RAMSES mission control system, expandable for S/C system test with FM H/W.