OHB Sweden joins the CHORUS

OHB Sweden has been contracted by MDA Ltd., a leading provider of advanced technology and services to the rapidly-expanding global space industry, to design, manufacture, integrate, test, and deliver the reaction control subsystem for its recently announced CHORUS commercial Earth observation constellation. ​​​​​The on-board propulsion system will be used to correct any launch vehicle injection errors and perform station keeping, collision avoidance maneuvers and spacecraft de-orbiting at the end of the mission.

The manufacturing and integration work will be performed in our facilities in Kista outside of Stockholm.

OHB Sweden is one of Europe’s leading propulsion suppliers. Our knowledge and experience cover the complete range of different propulsion systems; electric propulsion, mono- and bi-propellant propulsion as well as cold gas propulsion. We can cover the full design cycle of the propulsion system, from the very early project stage and throughout the development and operating phase.

The CHORUS system is a commercial multi-sensor constellation developed by MDA and will include a large C-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite and a smaller trailing X-band satellite. It is fully taskable to operate in a unique mid-inclination orbit, targeting areas of greatest customer interest. Capable of covering a 700 km swath in a single pass, the new system will provide the broadest area coverage on the market for maritime surveillance, environmental and climate change monitoring, sovereignty protection, mining, oil and gas and other critical infrastructure monitoring, among other applications.

OHB Sweden has been chosen due to its unique heritage in propulsion sub-systems, track record of performance and capability to design and deliver such a sub-system in a cost effective and timely manner.

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Mr. Benoit Mathieu, CEO of OHB Sweden:

MDA is our first customer outside of Europe, so this co-operation is a milestone for our company. We see ourselves as the best partner for commercial projects, for which cost effectiveness, reliability and time to market are key success factors. This is fully in line with our values at OHB Sweden.

Mike Greenley, CEO of MDA:

We are pleased to be working with OHB on our ground-breaking CHORUS constellation, which will leverage  over 30 years of MDA SAR satellite experience to change how and when you see the world.



OHB Sweden AB specializes in high-tech solutions for satellite systems. These include amongst others small satellites, including our novel InnoSat micro-satellite platform, AOCS and propulsion subsystems. OHB Sweden AB is a subsidiary of OHB SE, one of the three leading space companies in Europe. At OHB SE around 3000 specialists and system engineers work on key European space programs.

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