OHB Sweden InnoSat microsatellite selected to Support European Union’s Horizon 2020 IOD/IOV programme

IOD/IOV preliminary satellite render carrying the hyperspectral imager (ELOIS) from AMOS (image: OHB Sweden)

OHB Sweden AB, a subsidiary of the space and technology group OHB SE, and the European Space Agency ESA, have signed a contract appointing OHB Sweden to deliver and operate a satellite that will support technological innovation, de-risking and concept testing for public agencies and commercial enterprises in Europe.

The EU Horizon 2020 IOD/IOV Initiative provides organisations with new opportunities to capitalise on affordable access to space demonstration and validation. Such services are essential for driving advances in new space technologies and capabilities, and the European Commission is committed to maximise European competitiveness, independence and service sustainability in space technology and innovation.

OHB Sweden with its extensive experience of over three decades in the design, development and testing of low-cost small satellite missions will again use its successful flight proven InnoSat platform for the fourth time for this mission. This success demonstrates the InnoSat platform as an affordable, reliable, mature and fast-pace platform for commercial, governmental, and for technology demonstration purposes. The IOD/IOV mission will host a single payload: the ELOIS high performing spectro-imager developed by the Belgian company AMOS for smallsat missions. The satellite’s anticipated launch is early 2024.

“This 4th mission further underlines the competitiveness of our InnoSat platform concept. Using a modular approach our platform can be derived into several configurations to perfectly fulfil the mission purposes of our customers within a short timeframe and at an affordable price.”

Benoit Mathieu (Managing Director OHB Sweden)

The European Space Agency is pleased to implement the IOD/IOV initiative, which is another important constituent of the European Union framework Programme for Research and Innovation. It is a further important contribution for ensuring EU non-dependence and competitiveness in technologies through a regular, sustainable, cost-effective and responsive IOD/IOV service in the European Union.


Fredrik Sjöberg

Deputy Managing Director OHB Sweden

Head of Business development & Sales


Disclaimer: This document was produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. The views expressed herein can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Union”.

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