OHB Sweden celebrates 10 year anniversary today!

...and the OHB group turns 40.

On the 1st of July 2011 OHB Sweden was officially registered as a company and became part of the OHB group. OHB Sweden was sprung from the Space Systems Division of SSC, bringing more than 30 years of space experience into the new company from the start.

 During its ten years of business OHB Sweden has been involved in building, testing and operating world class microsatellites as well as propulsion and AOCS subsystems for many customers and users, including the Swedish National Space Agency (SNSA) and the European Space Agency (ESA).

 This year is also a double jubilee for the company since OHB celebrates its 40 years anniversary, from the early beginning as a small start-up in Bremen to a leading space prime, with presence throughout Europe.      

 At the start of the new company, the rendez-vous and formation flying PRISMA satellites were performing their space dance under OHB Sweden operations. Presently, 10 years after PRISMA, the OHB Sweden built GMS-T satellite, based on the newly developed InnoSat platform, is being operated by OHB Sweden, demonstrating our core experience and success throughout the past decade.

Several other exciting projects are well under way and we will keep you updated on their progress as we go along. We are committed to continue this work and expand our horizons and are looking forward to many more decades of successful space business.

Work with us

At OHB Sweden you will be working on exciting and innovative technological projects and frequently exploring new terrain. With more than 2,900 employees in the OHB SE Group spread over Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Sweden and the UK.