New Swedish satellite MATS to be launched to study upper part of earth’s atmosphere

The MATS Satellite in OHB Sweden's cleanroom with the entire MATS team

OHB Sweden’s next satellite “MATS” (Mesospheric Airglow/Aerosol Tomography and Spectroscopy) will be launched on November 4, on a Rocket Lab Electron launch vehicle from Mahia, New Zeeland.

The MATS satellite is OHB Sweden’s first satellite based on the generic InnoSat microsatellite platform. As the prime contractor for this Swedish national mission, OHB Sweden has been responsible for the overall mission architecture, platform and system level Assembly, Integration and Test activities. The scientific mission and instrument initiator for MATS is the Meteorological Institution at University of Stockholm (MISU), together with scientists from Chalmers and KTH, whereas the scientific instrument has been built by AAC Omnisys from Gothenburg.

The MATS satellite including its scientific instrument was financed by the Swedish state through the National Space Agency.

The OHB Sweden microsatellite platform InnoSat used for MATS, has in the meantime shown to be useful for scientific, institutional mission and commercial missions, where schedule and cost are key drivers.

Currently, the satellite awaits its launch which is nominally scheduled on the 4th of November with a launch window of 18:15-19:30 (Stockholm time/UTC+1).

OHB Sweden will operate the Satellite from its own mission control center in Kista and rely on the ground station network from the Swedish Space Cooperation (SSC).

The mission

MATS (Mesospheric Airglow/Aerosol Tomography and Spectroscopy) is a Swedish satellite project that will investigate waves in the atmosphere and their impact on the climate. This is done by studying variations in the light that oxygen molecules emit at an altitude of 100 kilometers, as well as in structures in the highest clouds in the atmosphere, so-called noctilucent clouds. MATS will be able to produce the first global maps showing the propagation characteristics of these waves in the atmosphere. With a tomographic analysis of the images, the researchers can create 3D constructions of the waves.  The data that MATS collects will fill an important gap in the understanding of how the atmosphere works.

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MATS final integration at the Rocket Lab launch site by OHB Sweden

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