Tele-X was the first telecommunication satellite for the Nordic countries and was the initial step into a new era for advanced telecommunication in Northern Europe.

The Mission

Tele-X was used for analogue and digital TV and radio and for data communication.

Tele-X had three TV-, two data- and one spare transponders, all pointing towards the Nordic countries.

OHB contributions

The project was managed by OHB Sweden (then part of the Swedish Space Corporation, SSC) and operated by the Swedish Space Corporation, but it was built by Aérospatiale and Saab Ericsson Space, based on the Spacebus 300 series.


Among others the TV channels NRK, TV 4, Channel 5 and FilmNet, the radio channels TT, The Voice, Radio Sweden, Radio Rix, Megapol and NRJ were transmitted and Tele-X was also used for Internet communication to several universities in Eastern Europe.

Launch date

Tele-X was launched with an Ariane 2 rocket from French Guyana in South America 2 April 1989 and was in service until late 1997. It was re-orbited in January 1998.