SMART-1, Europe’s first Moon probe was developed by OHB Sweden on behalf of the European Space Agency – ESA. The mission successfully demonstrated Electric Propulsion for deep space applications.

Astrid-1, Sweden’s first microsatellite – carried an Energetic Neutral Atom analyser, an Electron Spectrometer and two UV imagers for imaging the aurora. Astrid-2 Sweden’s second microsatellite – explored electric and magnetic fields in the upper ionosphere.

The Viking and FREJA magnetospheric research satellites, and the TELE-X telecommunication satellite, all contribute to the OHB Sweden heritage.

The ODIN satellite was designed and developed by OHB Sweden on behalf of the Swedish National Space Board and the space agencies of Canada, Finland and France. Launched in February 2001, Odin still delivers valuable data to the science community.

The PRISMA satellites have successfully demonstrated different sensor technologies and navigation strategies for Rendezvous and Formation Flying in space.

In the InnoSat project, the innovative satellite design will meet scientific demands while maintaining a low price. In addition to the direct benefit to the Swedish science missions, this low cost satellite will be offered to the global market.