OHB Sweden is a Swedish provider of space systems and develops, builds, tests and operates satellites for different kinds of space missions within communications, earth observation, space research and exploration. From low-orbiting satellites via geostationary ones and all the way up to interplanetary missions.

OHB Sweden is a member of the OHB SE Group (ISIN: DE0005936124, Prime Standard) which currently employs over 2.200 people in its “Space Systems” and “Aerospace + Industrial Products” business units. Within this array, OHB Sweden AB belongs in Space Systems.

The headquarters of OHB Sweden in Kista is home to around 70 highly qualified engineers with a long and extensive experience in all areas of satellite system design, development and operations. OHB Sweden has the capability to carry out complete space missions for its customers, all the way from mission analysis and studies up to and including operations in orbit. OHB Sweden is also proud of its ability of taking an active role in the actual creation of missions together with scientists and industrial partners.

In addition to our expert capabilities within mission and system design and integration we also specialize in propulsion and AOCS subsystems. OHB Sweden has experience from 11 highly successful space missions ranging from science to telecom satellites. The 10th and the 11th mission, the Odin scientific satellite and the Prisma rendezvous and formation flying demonstration mission, are presently operated in orbit. We are also a Core Team partner in the Small GEO satellite programme.

We regularly conduct a number of future mission studies, covering amongst others areas such as Earth Observation, Mars Exploration, Orbital Life Extension, Formation Flying, Rendezvous and Near Earth Objects. OHB Sweden traditionally works with leading national and international companies and space agencies to pool the competences required for specific projects. By working in partnership, OHB Sweden is able to participate successfully in large-scale projects. Don’t hesitate to contact us for potential involvement or cooperation in any of your studies or projects.

OHB Sweden has acquired more than 30 years of experience in the area of small satellites and space missions including studies, analyses, system and subsystem design, engineering, implementation, commissioning and operations.

Our main areas of expertise are:

  • Mission architecture and analysis
  • Spacecraft system engineering and integration
  • Attitude and Orbit Control Systems (AOCS)
  • Propulsion systems
  • Checkout and Ground control systems

Mission architecture, mission analysis, spacecraft system engineering and integration

Starting with Sweden s first satellite the magnetospheric explorer Viking, launched in 1986, OHB Sweden has procured, developed or acquired twelve spacecraft, which have all successfully been launched and operated in orbit.

Six spacecraft have been designed by OHB Sweden as main contractor, including the SMART-1 lunar probe platform developed for ESA and launched in 2003. For Odin, launched in 2001, and Prisma, launched in 2010, OHB Sweden had the total system responsibility, including development of the Odin main instrument, launch and operations.

Four of the six OHB Sweden satellites in the Swedish small satellite programme have been dedicated to magnetospheric research. For all OHB Sweden satellites, excluding ESA s SMART-1, OHB Sweden has been responsible for the operations.

OHB Sweden’s experience in the telecom satellite field covers a wide range of services from feasibility system definition, procurement, including insurance and risk assessment, launch vehicle and campaign consulting to LEOPS (IOTS) and operations.

The Swedish small satellite heritage is by necessity that of a low-cost approach applied to tailor-made systems in close collaboration with the scientists. The aim is always to minimize the overall cost for a complete mission without compromising the mission objectives.

Some key issues in the low-cost approach to spacecraft development are the simple customer interface, the small dedicated project team, competitive procurement, elimination of unnecessary management levels, use of off-the-shelf equipment (OTS) and commercial or industrial grade components where possible, and an optimized DD&V philosophy. The low-cost approach has also been applied to the development and organisation of ground control for the OHB Sweden satellites. The operational experience has in addition given valuable feedback to the OHB Sweden spacecraft development teams and a special understanding within the company of operational issues.

Attitude and Orbit Control Systems

OHB Sweden develops satellite guidance, navigation and control systems for innovative space projects. Our engineers are committed to achieve the highest standards in meeting our customers’ expectations of successful space missions. With extensive experience in spinners, low cost- and high performance 3-axis control systems, sensor technologies and navigation strategies for Rendezvous and Formation Flying in space, OHB offers world leading technological innovative capabilities within AOCS.

Our development framework covers:

  • ECSS-compliant design and verification processes
  • mission analysis
  • specification and procurement of sensors and actuators
  • development of state of the art AOCS flight software
  • high-performance 3-axis attitude control guidance for orbit transfer and station keeping
  • advanced orbit control for formation flying and rendezvous
  • system level simulator development software
  • spacecraft system level testing
  • flight dynamics
  • subsystem integration and test operations.

In-house we also have the SATLAB software system test environment, covering real-time simulation environment, EM computers in-the-loop, CAN-bus in-the-loop, other H/W simulated towards CAN i/f. Additional H/W can be included for H/W in-the-loop testing, commanded with real operational software through the RAMSES mission control system, expandable for S/C system test with FM H/W.

Propulsion systems

OHB Sweden is one of Europe’s leading propulsion suppliers. Our knowledge and experience cover the complete range of different propulsion systems; electric propulsion, liquid propulsion as well as cold gas propulsion. We are able to understand and define the propulsion system, from the very early project stage and throughout the development and operating phase.

For the European Space Agency’s successful pioneer mission to the Moon, the SMART-1 mission, OHB Sweden implemented the highly efficient propulsion technology. In the demanding SmallGEO telecom satellite product line, OHB Sweden is providing the electric propulsion subsystem.
To enable the most recent addition to the SmallGEO product line, the full EP Electra platform, an electric propulsion subsystem is mandatory as it provides both the orbit transfer and station-keeping abilities, resulting in a significant mass saving and consequently larger payload mass.
For the ESA Solar Orbiter mission, OHB Sweden provides the chemical propulsion subsystem together with Airbus DS.

In close relation with OHB Sweden’s mission analysis team, AOCS department and AIV team, we are able to understand and define mission system and AIV needs on the propulsion system in early project stages. Today OHB Sweden has experience of a number of types of propulsion systems; electric propulsion, liquid propulsion, cold gas propulsion development framework.

Our capabilities and skills cover a wide range of areas; specification, procurement, manufacturing of propulsion hardware, design, analysis routing, accommodation of tubing and propulsion system components, plume impingement, thermal hydraulic, spacecraft charging, control algorithms FMECA/FDIR safety analysis, in-house facilities, in-house tubing fitting and bracket manufacturing, titanium orbital welding, radiographic inspection, cleaning and cleanliness verification, subsystem integration and test, ground flight operations procedures, encompassed technologies, electric propulsion.

Checkout and Ground Control Systems (RAMSES)

For the last 30 years, OHB Sweden has built its own applications for monitoring and control of different space projects. As missions became more and more advanced, an efficient monitoring and control system became necessary. RAMSES (Rocket and Multi-Satellite EMCS Software) is a new generation general control system, developed by OHB Sweden, which includes the core functionality of a mission control system while offering great advantages compared to other control systems available on the market. The system can be applied to both satellite and sounding rocket missions and is designed to be used during all the phases of a space project, (development, integration, validation, and operation), thereby significantly decreasing project costs.

OHB Sweden relocated to new facilities in Kista, Stockholm, in January 2014. The new facilities will allow OHB Sweden to even further increase its efficiency and quality level. With more room for expansion, a more efficient layout of the development, process and manufacturing area, including cleanroom testing capabilities, this is an important milestone in OHB Sweden’s development. All parts of the cleanroom facility are approved in accordance with ISO class 8, and upgradeable to class 5.

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The members of the Executive Management of OHB Sweden AB are:

Benoit Mathieu
Managing Director, OHB Sweden AB
Since January 2021

Fredrik Sjöberg
Deputy Managing Director,  OHB Sweden AB
Since January 2021

The members of the Board of Directors of OHB Sweden AB  are:

Marco R. Fuchs
Chief Executive Officer, OHB-Holding
Member of the Board of Directors since 2011

Dr. Lutz Bertling
Chief Strategy & Development Officer/Chief Digital Officer,  OHB Group
Member of the Board of Directors since 2019

Oliver Salisch
Vice President Affiliate Control / M&A, OHB-SE
Member of the Board of Directors since 2011

Guy Perez
Chief Technology Officer, OHB System AG
Member of the Board of Directors since 2017

Bo C. Johanson
Senior Advisor
Member of the Board of Directors since 2011

Maria Caderas de Kerleau
Employee representative, OHB Sweden AB
Member of the Board of Directors since 2018

Bastiaan Lagaune
Employee representative, OHB Sweden AB
Member of the Board of Directors since 2019

OHB Sweden AB is a subsidiary of the German OHB-SE. It was created in 2011 when OHB Sweden took over the entire business of the former SSC (Swedish Space Corporation) Space Systems division.

OHB Sweden also took over the absolute majority of the personnel and thereby the long and extensive experiences in all areas of satellite system design, development and operations. In being a company with a long space experience, OHB Sweden has the capability to carry out complete space missions for its customers all the way from studies up to and including operations in orbit. OHB Sweden is also proud of its ability of taking an active role in the actual creation of missions together with scientists and industrial partners.

Please note that since the OHB AG acquisition of the Space Systems division of the Swedish Space Corporation, the company SSC no longer has any remaining activities in the activity areas of OHB Sweden. In this way all the previous experience of the space systems division remains within OHB Sweden Consequently the historical descriptions of the activities and experience of OHB Sweden also refers to the former Space Systems division of the Swedish Space Corporation.