At OHB Sweden you will be working on exciting and innovative technological projects and frequently exploring new terrain. With more than 2,200 employees in the OHB AG Group spread over Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Sweden and the UK , we are one of the top players in the European space technology industry.

At OHB Sweden you will find an efficient corporate structure with flat hierarchies and short decision-making routes. The sophisticated technological nature of our projects and the related innovative skills will propel you to new heights in your professional and personal development. By working in multi-discipline project teams, you will enjoy a high degree of scope for creativity, independence and self-initiative. We offer you the opportunity of unleashing your creative potential, participating in a wide range of different project teams and organizing your work processes on a largely autonomous basis.

You can develop your own career thanks to deployment in different projects, allowing you to become a specialist, project manager or executive. What you require for this is dedication, endurance, flexibility, team spirit and a high degree of willingness to perform.


Contracts Manager at OHB Sweden 

We are looking for a Contracts Manager for our company.

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